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“For Your Education” is a website for all information pertaining to current trends and issues in education.  We will also be reviewing products, books, articles, on education.  Below is some background about our writers.

Lynda Rubin has been in special education for 15 years.  She currently holds a Masters in Preschool Elementary and Special Education from Adelphi University.  She is trained Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) and Total Communication.  She has also worked for the Association for Children with Down Syndrome.  She worked as a teacher for Stepping Stones Day School, Dutch Lane Elementary and Jericho High School.

Saima Khwaja holds a dual Masters in Special Education and Literacy.  She also is certified in ABA, Wilson Reading and All kinds of Minds.  She has also worked at Developmental Disabilities Institute in Huntington, NY and in distinguished school districts on Long Island”s North Shore.  She is currently working on a degree in Biology.


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