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Teachers Assess Common Core Writing Curriculum Featured 

Teachers Assess Common Core Writing

Teachers feel that the Common Core standards can help students with their writing, however they also find  great  deficiencies  with the standards, as well.  A national survey by Michigan State University scholar, Gary Troia, is the first study of its kind.  The study took into account teachers’ perceptions of writing and language standards portion of Common Core.  Forty-four out of... Read More
Brain Science in the classroom Curriculum Featured News & Info 

Brain Science in the classroom

According to How Children Succeed by Paul Tough there are certain characteristics that cannot be taught like academics in the classroom. The book focuses on how listening can change the brain. Qualities like grit, curiosity and character must be taught to children early on.  However, for kids that face adversity this may become impossible. Tough refers to a study that... Read More