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Social Skills for School Aged Children Featured 

Social Skills for School Aged Children

When children are in elementary school, they make alliances, some make long term relationships and others do not.  Some children want to make friends but they are unable to have the skills to do it.  They are constantly in search of meaningful friends that share the same interests as they do.  How can your child make successful relationship and get... Read More
Characteristics of a Great Teacher Featured 

Characteristics of a Great Teacher

Every one has their own ideas of what it takes to be a great teacher.  There’s no shortage of quality educators, but what makes some stand out above all the rest are the ones willing to put their heart and souls into teaching their students.  Here is a short list of some characteristics of phenomenal teachers: They Exude Confidence Confidence... Read More
Helping High Schoolers Achieve More in School Featured 

Helping High Schoolers Achieve More in School

Not everyone does well in school in spite of being intellectually capable.  While parental motivation and self-esteem all have a role to play a recent study published in the journal of Frontiers in Psychology shows that children’s learning strategies play a huge role in the academic success of the child.  This can be a promising step towards helping children learn. The... Read More
Taming Tantrums Featured 

Taming Tantrums

Toddlers normally go through tantrums almost on a daily basis.  Toddlers are passionate about everything and they have a difficult time expressing themselves.  Their brains aren’t developed enough to be able to control themselves.  Tantrums become a nightmare for parents anytime, anywhere especially if it gets out of hand. Toddlers that feel they have some control over their lives have... Read More
Collaborative Learning in a School Environment Featured 

Collaborative Learning in a School Environment

Most of us believe in the approach of collaborative learning.  We as educators try to engage our students in more and more collaborative activities. However, when we break the students into groups, they unsuccessfully gravitate towards their laptops.   Promoting true collaboration is difficult to do well, but when done successfully collaborative teams attain a higher level of thinking and... Read More
How Kids Can Learn Honesty Featured 

How Kids Can Learn Honesty

We aspire for our children to grow to be honest members of society.  No parent wants to see their child lie, sneak, cover up or steal.  We often wonder what is the best strategy to use so our children become honest.  Some parents may believe it’s in a child’s nature to lie and the parent’s job to punish them but... Read More
Education Under President Trump Featured 

Education Under President Trump

So it’s the day after, Trump has won the presidency, the nation is grieving or celebrating depending on how you voted.  So what now? What is in store for education.  Education advocates and policy analysts are thinking about a Trump presidential administration. President-elect Trump has spoken about education in broad terms and an education secretary hasn’t been appointed yet. In... Read More
Kindergarteners’ Math Success Centers on Preschool Skills Featured 

Kindergarteners’ Math Success Centers on Preschool Skills

At the University of Missouri-Columbia funded by the National Science Foundation,  researchers have discovered that children who better process words associated with numbers are more likely to have success with math when they enter kindergarten.  The research also indicated that children, with better understanding that addition increases and subtraction decreases, are more equipped  for math at the elementary grades.  Scientists emphasize that... Read More
Raising Sons Who Treat Women Right! Featured 

Raising Sons Who Treat Women Right!

When my son was young, I tried to implement the best values and manners in my child.  I told him that one day he would become an important man that would raise boys of his own and he also would need to teach them to have respect and value for women.  During this election year there has been catcalls, rudeness... Read More