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Hillary Clinton’s Position on Education Featured Policy 

Hillary Clinton’s Position on Education

During a town hall meeting on November 7, 2015, Clinton expressed her support for public schools and discussed the role of charter schools. She said, “I have for many years now, about 30 years, supported the idea of charter schools, but not as a substitute for the public schools, but as a supplement for the public schools.  Some of the... Read More
Ben Carson’s Position on Education Featured Policy 

Ben Carson’s Position on Education

Ben Carson wrote an op-ed in The Washington Times on January 13, 2016, to discuss the importance of school choice, including voucher programs and charter schools, and local control of education.  In an interview with Glenn Beck on October 21, 2015, Carson said he would use the Department of Education “to monitor our institutions of higher education for extreme political... Read More
Marco Rubio’s Position on Education Featured Policy 

Marco Rubio’s Position on Education

During a CNN town hall on February 17, 2016, Marco Rubio said that although he believed systemic racism existed, he was “not sure that there’s a political solution” to it. He emphasized, instead, disparities in educational opportunities.  Rubio cites that a disproportionate number of our children are growing up in broken homes in dangerous neighborhoods, living in substandard housing and... Read More
Donald Trump’s Postion on Education Featured Policy 

Donald Trump’s Postion on Education

In a January 11, 2016 interview with The Wall Street Journal, Donald Trump said he would do “tremendous cutting” of the federal government. Education policy, he said, should be returned to the states, and he said he would end the Common Core education standards, which conservatives view as federal overreach. “Education should be local and locally managed”, cited Trump.  When... Read More
Bernie Sanders’s Position on Education Featured Policy 

Bernie Sanders’s Position on Education

At the third Democratic primary debate on December 19, 2015, Bernie Sanders talked about his proposal to provide free college tuition. His proposal is to put a speculation tax on wall street , raise very substantial sums of money, not only make public colleges and universities tuition-free, but also substantially lower interest rates on student debt.  On December 11, 2015,... Read More
John Kasich’s Position on Education Featured Policy 

John Kasich’s Position on Education

The Kasich Action Plan” on October 15, 2015. The proposal called for shrinking the Department of Education by consolidating more than 100 programs into four key block grants. The plan also called for balancing the budget in eight years; reforming the tax code; downsizing the Department of Transportation to focus on safety and research; and incorporating job training programs into... Read More
Ted Cruz’s Position on Education Featured Policy 

Ted Cruz’s Position on Education

The U.S. Senate approved the conference report for S. 1177 – Student Success Act on December 9, 2015. Ted Cruz missed the voted on the bill, which overhauled the No Child Left Behind Act . Cruz released the following statement: “In many ways, the conference report was worse than the original Senate bill — removing the few good provisions from... Read More
Presidential Candidate’s Positions on Education Featured Policy 

Presidential Candidate’s Positions on Education

Education has always been an area of contention and debate for the American voter across all age spans.  From issues dealing with primary and grade school early education to preparing students for a more competitive future through undergraduate and graduate erudition, education has always remained a concern for the population in all walks of life and in all times.  ... Read More


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What is Assistive Technology? AT for kids with LD is defined as any device, piece of equipment or system that helps bypass, work around or compensate for an individual’s specific learning deficits. Over the past decade, a number of studies have demonstrated the efficacy of AT for individuals with LD. 1 AT doesn’t cure or eliminate learning difficulties, but it... Read More