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The Characteristics of an Effective School Team News & Info 

The Characteristics of an Effective School Team

Schools can rise and fall according to the strength of their teams.  Well functioning leaders and their teams can be essential for the continuity of an educational institution.  Effective teams strengthen leadership, improve teaching and learning as well as nurturing relationships within a school’s system. Team building and  its leadership  can synergistically secure the district’s achievement both academically and socially.... Read More
Anti-Muslim, Anti-refugee Growing Sentiments in Schools Featured News & Info 

Anti-Muslim, Anti-refugee Growing Sentiments in Schools

There has been growing anti-Muslim, anti-refugee sentiment in US schools.  Many high school students are experiencing tensions within schools and colleges.  Many American students most of whom were not even born til after September 11, are coming of age in an era of “war on terror” abroad.  In the months since the Paris and San Bernadino attacks have added to... Read More
Nurturing Creativity Featured Parenting 

Nurturing Creativity

During certain holidays like Halloween kids often display amazing creativity.   You can help foster that creativity in your own kids.  To some creativity is a vague concept that only a rare few multimillionaires and the successful population possess. But creativity is characterized by the ability to perceive the world in new ways.  Creativity involves two processes: A) thinking then producing... Read More
Is the US Getting Dumber? News & Info 

Is the US Getting Dumber?

Upon self-reflection, I often thought to myself are we actually getting smarter?  It sounds pessimistic but let’s really analyze the question.  Once again this election season, I feel the need to ponder on the question at hand.  Elections these days have focused on bullying, name calling or minority bashing instead focusing on the the issue of education amongst others. The... Read More
What Does your IQ Tell You About Yourself? Featured 

What Does your IQ Tell You About Yourself?

In the 21 century, people of all ages, all cultural backgrounds and of all intelligences would benefit from knowing what fields, in life and in learning, they are more inclined towards or excel.  So what kind of individual are you? the problem solver? the logical thinker or the creative genius?  or are you a combination of these things?  Find out!... Read More
New York School Rankings Plummet Featured 

New York School Rankings Plummet

U.S. New Report indicated in their 2016 ratings of best high schools, New York’s high schools have plummeted in ratings terribly!  Districts, such as Stuyvesant, which used to be #1 is now at #89, Jericho is at #91 and Rockville Centre is at #109. Long Island schools aren’t even in the top 50 anymore. The article, “Did U.S. News Use... Read More