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Raising Teens Featured 

Raising Teens

Reminiscing my teen years, I have vague memories of torment and moodiness towards my parents.  When I had my own teens, the tide shifted and I was always on the receiving end of the eye rolling, angst and moodiness.  I often wondered what happened to my sweet children I worked so hard at raising and that loved me back unconditionally... Read More
Kid’s Chromatography Featured 

Kid’s Chromatography

Key concepts: Colors Solutions Molecules (and their polarity) Chromatography Primary colors Introduction: During my lab sessions in undergrad, I always wanted to find a way to allow children to get a more hands on experience in learning science activities.  I tried to devise simple tasks at home that would get them to learn in a similar way that I learnt... Read More
Octopus Craft Project Featured Science & Art 

Octopus Craft Project

Since summer is here and the weather is warm many of us make our way to the beaches and the seas.  Children often find sea life intriguing.  This is a delightful activity you can do with your kids to get them excited about marine life. Supplies you will need:  Purple cupcake liner (or whichever color you choose)  Blue sheet of... Read More
Teachers Assess Common Core Writing Curriculum Featured 

Teachers Assess Common Core Writing

Teachers feel that the Common Core standards can help students with their writing, however they also find  great  deficiencies  with the standards, as well.  A national survey by Michigan State University scholar, Gary Troia, is the first study of its kind.  The study took into account teachers’ perceptions of writing and language standards portion of Common Core.  Forty-four out of... Read More
Summer Science and Art Series Featured Lesson Plans Science & Art 

Summer Science and Art Series

For your education is featuring this summer, art and science activities, you can do at home with your children.  In an effort to have children make good use of their time off  there will be regular postings of simple activities parents can do with their youngsters to analyze, critically think and assess the world around them.  Please feel free to... Read More
How Can We Make High Schools Better Featured News & Info Policy 

How Can We Make High Schools Better

Trying to make US High schools better is an ongoing question.  There is a history of continuous failures in the last fifteen years to prove it.  Our high schools require major overhaul in order to improve.  In a 2013 report by the Carnegie Corporation of New York, they listed ten researched principles that are critical to building high performing schools:... Read More