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Education Under President Trump Featured 

Education Under President Trump

So it’s the day after, Trump has won the presidency, the nation is grieving or celebrating depending on how you voted.  So what now? What is in store for education.  Education advocates and policy analysts are thinking about a Trump presidential administration. President-elect Trump has spoken about education in broad terms and an education secretary hasn’t been appointed yet. In... Read More
Kindergarteners’ Math Success Centers on Preschool Skills Featured 

Kindergarteners’ Math Success Centers on Preschool Skills

At the University of Missouri-Columbia funded by the National Science Foundation,  researchers have discovered that children who better process words associated with numbers are more likely to have success with math when they enter kindergarten.  The research also indicated that children, with better understanding that addition increases and subtraction decreases, are more equipped  for math at the elementary grades.  Scientists emphasize that... Read More